October18, 2014
Dr. Kurt McDonald and Aseelah El-Amin were Adjunct Professors at Atlanta Technical College on 10/15/14. They were lecturing on Gait Analysis to the Physical Therapy Assistant Program class of 2015.
July18, 2014
Sonya, Ingrid & Nicole complete the Peachtree Road Race.
June18, 2014
Part of the Genesis team, Kevin, Kurt and Tracy McDonald complete a relay race with a team of 12 for 196.1 miles, from Madison, WI to Chicago. IL.
March18, 2014
In honor of Dr. Seuss Week, Dr. Kurt McDonald channels his best “Cat in the Hat” reading at The Learning Academy in College Park.
December1, 2013
Drs. Kurt and Tracy McDonald receiving The American Legion Award for Support.