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Dr. McDonald and Aseelah El-Amin - Adjunct Professors at Atlanta Technical College

Dr. Kurt McDonald and Aseelah El-Amin were Adjunct Professors at Atlanta Technical College on 10/15/14. They were lecturing on Gait Analysis to the Physical Therapy Assistant Program class of 2015.

Kevin, Kurt and Tracy Running in Chicago

Part of the Genesis team, Kevin, Kurt and Tracy McDonald complete a relay race with a team of 12 for 196.1 miles, from Madison, WI to Chicago. IL.

Dr. McDonald as Cat in the Hat

In honor of Dr. Seuss Week, Dr. Kurt McDonald channels his best “Cat in the Hat” reading at The Learning Academy in College Park.

Center for Black Women's Wellness

Kurt and Kevin supporting the Center for Black Women’s Wellness at their October climb of Stone Mountain.

14th Annual HBCU Health Services Research Conference

Four members of the Genesis family make the trip to Alabama State University to support the 14th annual HBCU Health Services Research Conference.

Big Peach Sizzler 10K Run

On September 2, Derryl, Juan and Kurt completed the Big Peach Sizzler 10K run.

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